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Prescriptions are always generated electronically during a patient's session. Therefore, please assess your potential need for a prescription before each visit. Ask for renewal prescriptions at the beginning of our meeting, so that they can be completed in a timely fashion. Prescriptions required between appointments are subject to a $50 administrative fee. Keep this fee in mind when you find the need to reschedule an appointment. Consider meeting sooner than the originally scheduled appointment, as a postponement may result in running out of medication prematurely.

Always check your medication bottles for the appropriate number of pills and refills when you pick them up from the pharmacy. I cannot take responsibility for administrative errors on the part of a pharmacist.

Do not make medication changes without contacting me. I am always happy to discuss any treatment issue, even on weekends if the matter is urgent. When you change your regimen without contacting me, you deprive yourself of the knowledge and experience I impart to your treatment. From a logistical perspective, changing your regimen may lead to an unexpected shortage of medication. You will then have to contact me for another prescription, which places an added financial burden on you. Of course, if I have been changing the dosage of your medication between appointments, I will make any necessary prescription arrangements at no charge to you, either by mail to you or by faxing your pharmacy.

If you need a prescription for a medication, and you do not have an appointment in time to fulfill this need, please contact me by email (not phone, unless you have no access to email).

The following is necessary in the email request for a prescription, as my electronic prescribing program asks for very specific information:
  • The name of the medication and its strength (mg per pill)
  • Number of pills taken daily (1 pill three times per day, 2 pills at bedtime, etc)
  • Your mailing address, including zip code, and telephone number
  • Your date of birth
  • The name, full address, and telephone number of your pharmacy
If I have made a prescribing error, please contact me as soon as possible and I will rectify the situation, obviously at no administrative cost to you. I apologize in advance for any error I might make in the future.

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