If you need to cancel or reschedule an appointment for medication management (30 minutes), 72 hours advance notice is required. If you cancel or reschedule within 72 hours of your scheduled appointment, or you miss an appointment, and Dr. Cohen is unable to fill the time slot, Dr. Cohen will charge the full fee for the session, irrespective of the circumstance causing the absence. Exceptions are made in the case of serious medical illness or family emergencies, at Dr. Cohen’s discretion.

Patients in regularly scheduled psychotherapy(45 or 60 minutes) should consider their appointment times as fixed and a necessary aspect of the continuity of their treatment. These times have been reserved especially for the patient, and specifically withheld from others. Therefore, canceling or missing a regularly scheduled appointment carries the responsibility of the full fee for the session, unless the time can be filled by another patient. While Dr. Cohen is unable to guarantee, the possibility of rescheduling within the same calendar week may avoid the charge for a missed session, if his schedule is able to accommodate the change.

It is a common phenomenon in psychiatric treatment, especially in psychotherapy, that patients may miss sessions due to unconscious ambivalence. Human and technological error can interfere with your intention to keep an appointment. Lastly, environmental circumstances can interfere. Please understand that Dr. Cohen employs a simple, clear set of guidelines regarding your accountability for scheduled appointments, with the objective of minimizing misunderstanding or disappointment regarding treatment interruptions.